If the Bible reveals God’s character and will for our lives as believers, then we must ask the inescapable questions: What is the world’s opinion about abortion and life? What does God say in the Bible about abortion and life? Is abortion a political or biblical question?


Debunking 8 Myths about Abortion (TGC)
Josh Howerton

Pro-choice Americans are reeling after the Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down Roe v. Wade. While Christians rejoice to see a step taken toward justice for unborn life, many of our neighbors are experiencing the decision as an existential threat. That angst gets channeled in attacks against religious groups, blaming them for what they understand to be a hypocritical and crippling national tragedy. Why are they so afraid? What can we do to help our friends, family, and coworkers understand why people of faith celebrate what they lament? In love, we approach fiction with fact. Here are eight myths about abortion in America—and how to answer them with evidence.

Abortion’s Guilt (TGC)
Melissa Kruger

The tide of abortion guilt rises high, threatening to engulf a woman’s entire life with shame, regret, and feelings of unworthiness. Statistics report nearly three in ten women will have an abortion. These numbers speak to the reality that our churches are filled with women who have had abortions (and men who have encouraged abortions). Maybe this is your story. And perhaps you wonder, Is there grace enough for me?

Healing the Hurt of a Past Abortion (FOTF)

A lot of women feel hopeless about ever resolving the pain connected with their abortion. But healing is possible. When you recognize your need to come to terms with a past abortion, the following steps are important ones to consider on the path to healing…

Which Abortion ‘Restrictions’ Restrict Abortion? (TGC)
Joe Carter

Based on the language used in reporting on pro-life legislation, you’d think abortion has been all but outlawed in the United States. But one question is rarely asked, by either pro-lifers or abortion-rights advocates: “Which restrictions actually restrict abortion?” That is, which anti-abortion laws put a true limitation on access to abortion?

Focus On Family
Multiple Authors

A plethora of articles on the topic of abortion.



In light of the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, too many Christians do not understand the essential truths of the pro-life position, making it difficult for them to articulate a biblical worldview on issues like abortion, cloning, and embryo research. This second edition provides intellectual grounding for the pro-life convictions that most evangelicals hold.

Tearing Us Apart: How Abortion Harms Everything and Solves Nothing

Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade and returned abortion law to the democratic process, a powerful new book reframes the coming debate: Our fifty-year experiment with unlimited abortion has harmed everyone—even its most passionate proponents.

Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families & Churches

God’s decision to adopt sinful men and women into his family stands at the heart of Christianity. In light of this, Christians’ efforts to adopt beautifully illustrate the truth of the gospel. This book encourages Christians to adopt children and to help other Christian families to do the same. It shows that adoption is not just about couples who have struggled to have children. Rather, it’s about an entire culture that sees adoption as part of the Great Commission mandate and as a sign of the gospel itself.


Care Net Pregnancy Center

Care Net intervenes in a woman’s search for abortion by providing pregnancy tests, accurate information about abortion procedures, abortion risks, and what to expect. After a consultation with the nurse, ultrasounds can be provided. The goal is for every woman to make an informed decision and choose life once she/he (baby’s father) sees the baby.

Option Line Plus: Heartbeat International

Serving 24/7/365 bilingual pregnancy help hotline, via phone, text, chat, email, and cutting-edge self-service tools on their website. They assist both abortion-minded callers and answering tough calls. Also, provide services during critical hours when most pregnancy help centers are not open, Option Line consultants schedule clients for a one-time educational call with a nurse. These calls are typically scheduled within 2 hours of the client’s initial contact, and scheduled calls have a show rate of more than 90%. During their interaction with an Option Line Plus consultant, clients will receive valuable education, better understand the value of visiting a pregnancy help organization, and finally, will be referred to or scheduled for an appointment at a pregnancy assistance center. Nurses who are not on calls also answer chats, emails, and text messages.


Lifeline Pregnany Center Post Abortion Bible Study

Hosting “Forgiven and Set Free”, a ten week, Bible centered healing and recovery group led by those who have been healed and redeemed from abortion.

September 12th – November 14th | Thursdays @ 6:30-8:00pm

Located @ Family Promise – 1590 FM 1960 Bypass E, Humble, TX, 77338

For Registration or information:

Paula – 281-435-8167

Monica – 832-286-1339

Care Net Pregnancy Center: Let’s talk

“Let’s Talk” is a post-abortion class via Zoom that provides healing, restoration, and hope.

Contact – letstalk@carenethouston.com

Apollos Center: Post Abortion Counseling  

Contact – 832-706-2360

Care Net Pregnancy Center: Forgiven and Set Free

“Forgiven and Set Free” is a post-abortion recovery class that meets in-person to provide healing, restoration, and hope.

Contact – 832-653-6494

Helpline: Healing the Pain of Abortion

Contact – 866-721-7881


Aim Adoptions: A Texas Adoption Agency

AIM Adoptions is an experienced and trusted Christian resource whose mission is to help all women facing an unplanned pregnancy with support, love and compassion as they undertake the journey of choosing life and a loving family for their child.

If you are pregnant and looking to bring meaning and purpose to your unplanned pregnancy and build a family through adoption, or hoping to adopt, Aim Adoptions can help.

Arrow Child & Family Ministries

Arrow will become the preferred Christian provider of child welfare and educational services connecting church and government to serve vulnerable children and families.


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