There is nothing that any of us have that God needs. He had it first- all of it. And then, he gave. He gave us Himself.

Why We Give

Here, at UNITEDCITYCHURCH, generosity isn’t what we do – it’s who we are.

In response to all He’s done for us, we give so others can know this same hope in Jesus. We give our time, our energy, our resources, and our money, knowing we can all play a small role in His great work.  Our hearts move us from obligation to opportunity; an opportunity to witness Him take something finite and multiply it into people’s lives in ways we could never imagine.  That’s God’s economy.

So, while God doesn’t need a fundraiser, He wants your heart.  And the Bible tells us that how we spend our money reveals our heart:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

If you want a heart for something, give your money to it and your heart will follow.

When you give to UNITEDCITYCHURCH, a portion of your gift supports the cooperative program of the Southern Baptist Convention, allowing us to partner with over 50,000 other like-minded churches to send missionaries all over the world, to strategically plant churches, and to train up pastors for ministry.  You can invest in someone who is working for the cause of Christ in places you may never actually go.  Your giving allows us to create spaces and places God can use to dramatically change lives.

Give Online

Giving has never been easier—whether you want to give just once, or schedule regular transactions. Just click on the button below to launch the very secure, very easy to use electronic giving application. SecureGive is a convenient, electronic alternative for giving your tithes and offerings and eliminates the need to use cash or write checks.

Other Ways To Give

Text To Give

Text to give instantly from your credit/debit card with a single text message.

text “UCGIVE” to 55498

Cash or Check

Give by cash or check in any of our giving kiosks or by mailing your gift to:

19901 Townsen Blvd. Humble, TX 77338

* United City Church incurs transaction and bank fees when gifts are made. Please consider helping to cover our merchant fees by selecting the checkbox that says “Add 2.2% to contribute to processing costs” shown on the “confirm your gift” page, or, by editing your recurring gift within the main page of your personal PushPay account profile.  This will add the 2.2% service fee to the amount you give so that the entire amount you originally specified goes to United City.

The donation categories on our website, digital, and printed materials are representative of our established funds used to accomplish our mission of crossing every divide to live united in Christ. While we make every effort to direct your donation to the fund you choose, United City Church, with the full oversight of our Leadership Team and Stewardship Committee, and outside independent third-party auditors, hereby reserve the right to use your donation “where needed most,” as needs and opportunities arise both locally and globally. Donors expressly give United City Church this authority regarding donors’ contributions. United City Church welcomes gifts of any nature, but may refuse any gifts, in whole or in part, for any reason, including when such gifts may be inconsistent with furthering the church’s mission. Thank you for your generous support of United City Church’s work and for understanding our intention to structure charitable gifts to provide maximum benefit to all parties involved. All donations are subject to United City Church’s Gift Acceptance Policy, copies of which are available in the Business Office and at this link.