United City Guest Services

Why Join A Team?

Here at United City Church, we believe God has a unique purpose for each of our lives.  In serving others, we not only discover this purpose, but we become more like Jesus, demonstrating to the world that we are his disciples.  As we do the work to build His kingdom, God works in and through us to make a lasting impact in our city and through all of the earth.

Our United City teams are made up of passionate people who have discovered their gifts and are actively pursuing them in and throughout our church. Our team members have the incredible opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ, focusing on showing everyone who walks through our doors the love of Jesus. Our mission is to create an environment where every guest would feel like United City Church is home regardless of age, stage of life, background, or experience.

United City Church is what it is today because of our faithful and committed Serve Team members.  Together, we can do so much more when serving our church and community, making an eternal difference all for Jesus.

Serve With Us

Small Group Leaders – Introducing kids to Jesus in a safe and secure environment on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights. Large Group Worship Leaders- Leading songs during large group.

Large Group Story Tellers – Telling the Bible story in a large group setting, incorporating various types of media to be engaging for the kids.

Weekday Setup help – Setting up preschool and kids areas during the week to be ready for activities and events.

Check-In Team – Your job is to check in each person (youth + leader) with a great big smile on your face. The perfect place to learn names and help UCY make sure we know who is in our building each time we have an event.

Experience Team – This job needs hype energy to welcome every single person into youth on a Sunday and a Wednesday! Holding doors open, holding signs, and saying hi to every person who walks past you is a requirement.

Group Leader – At UC Youth, we believe in finding life in Jesus and bringing life to those around us! We are always looking for college-aged and above adults who are willing to hang with HS and MS students. Point them to Jesus and be in their life. With Sunday and Wednesday opportunities!

Small Group Leader – Grade-specific small group leaders that serve on a weekly or biweekly basis. Small group leaders help facilitate a smaller group of kids. Using our curriculum, these leaders engage with kids and help break down our story for the weekend. We encourage leaders to serve during one service and attend the other service.

Small Group Assistant – Small Group Assistants function as a second or third person in a room. The Assistant helps lead Small Group in whatever is needed, prepping material during class or just helping kids.

Kids Check-In – Working in the lobby helping families check-in and find where they are supposed to go. Essentially the greeting team of kids.

Abilities Team – Working with special needs kids in an environment that is tailored for their needs. We ask that these volunteers have experience in this area.

Tech/AV – Running sound, pro presenter, or even lighting for one of our kids areas.

Large Group Teacher – Communicating our bible stories in one of our large group spaces.

Wed Night Small Group Leader – During one of our three rotational pieces on Wednesday nights, we need leaders to communicate with kids about what we are learning that night. A curriculum will be provided.

Parking Lot Team – Most first-time guests get nervous about where to park and the initial “where to go.” You will provide the most accessible parking experience for anyone pulling into the parking lot! You are the first experience someone gets at UC!

Greeters – On Sunday mornings, we are looking for high-energy and smiley people to welcome people to United City Church inside and outside. We want everyone to feel welcome, and a part of UC, your job in this role is vital.  (8:50 rally time before 9:30 service. 10:30 rally time before the 11:00 service) Wednesday night greeting team meets at 6-8 pm.

Coffee Team – Some may say this is the most important team at UC. The reason being is BECAUSE coffee kick starts some people’s Sunday morning! Call time is 8:30 to make coffee for the 9:30 service and 10:20 for the coffee for 11:00 service to make sure there is enough, check supplies, etc.

Baptism Assistant – Cathy Rucker heads up this team each Sunday morning and needs help making families feel welcome. Baptism assistants help each candidate fill out decision form paperwork, walk them upstairs to the baptistry and be a part of the whole process. We see FTG in this process often. You would help make this experience for families and baptism candidates flawless and exciting.

Growth Track Serve Team – GT is sometimes the first thing people get involved in at UC to learn about who we are and what we believe. We need people ready to connect, hang out and meet the GT attendees, serve them coffee and help facilitate a great experience.

Lighting Operator – You will learn how to hit the cues of lights in each worship experience. Learning the ins and outs of the lighting board will be a huge part of your training.

Camera Operator – You will master the art of how to get the correct shots for our online experience. This is a huge job because of the ways you can connect what’s going on in the room to every single person watching online.

Video Director – This position chooses the camera shots to create and tell the story of what is happening in the room of UC.

Producer – This position calls the cues for the production team and decides when to cue all transitions on a Sunday morning.

Photographer – The Photographer captures moments and helps tell the story of what God is doing by giving those on the outside a window to see inside UC.

Broadcast Audio – Engineers and crafts the online mix to create a distraction-free and engaging online experience.

Stage manager – Helps create seamless transitions that happen on stage to help create a distraction-free environment at UC.

Sunday Group Leader – There are so many groups at UC! We are always in need of people who feel passionate about leading, hosting, and coordinating groups.

Home Groups Leader – Some of the groups at UC meet outside of the walls of our building and on different days of the week. If you can’t find a group that works with you, start one!

Seasonal Groups Leader – If you can only commit to leading, hosting, or coordinating groups for a specific amount of time, seasonal groups may be for you. They meet for roughly 6- 8 weeks.

ESL teacher – If you love Jesus and speak English, we’ll teach you everything else you need to know to make a friend and help someone learn and show them Christ’s love.

Prayer Team – Prayer is huge, and we believe in the incredible power of prayer through God our Father! If prayer is one of your spiritual gifts or you want to learn how to pray, we have a prayer team on Tuesday mornings at UC.

Geek Squad – Many of our groups are still connected to the online world through zoom. We need technologically gifted individuals to be on call on Sunday mornings to help the groups connect to the people who aren’t able to join in person.

Ready To Join A Team?

Joining a Serve Team is simple - begin by completing all three steps below. Each step is designed to help you experience United City Church at its fullest through church membership, exploring your God-given spiritual gifts and connecting with the right team for you! It all begins with Growth Track and we can't wait to see you there!

Step One

Discover the four values that make up the core of who we are by joining us for Growth Track every Sunday at 10 am. Growth Track is intended to help you find your place here at United City Church and the calling God has placed on your life.

Step Two

Exercising your God-given spiritual gifts allows you to experience maximum fulfillment in your Christian life and ministry. Dive into the details of your personality and discover your gifts with our online spiritual gift assessment test.

Step Three

After completing Growth Track and discovering your spiritual gifts it's time to connect with our serve team leaders to find the right place for you! United City Church would not be possible without the incredible volunteers that serve every week.