End of Year Giving

Dear United City Family,

What a year we have experienced together at United City! Could we have imagined God’s work in and through this church over the last 90 days? How could we possibly forget the 55 baptisms witnessed in our fully funded and renovated baptistry, each with a unique story of life change marked by a significant next step? How do we measure the impact of launching UC Español which has already outgrown its initial space with over 70 attending on Sundays?

Thank you. Truly. Your generosity allowed us to accomplish all of this and more. On top of all the ministry we did in 2022, we were also able to make an additional debt paydown to principal of $75,000. Despite these uncertain economic times, God has allowed us to cross divides to reach not only more of those in our community, but those unable to attend in person through our prison ministry. My point is this: God has been so faithful to allow us to accomplish all He has put before us. We couldn’t have done it without Him; we couldn’t have done it without you.

As we move into the last quarter of 2022, let me encourage you in your generosity to help us finish strong. To meet the 2021 giving of $4.85 million, we need roughly $131,000 per week for the last 11 weeks of the year. For some of you, that might look like a double tithe in one month before the end of the year. For others, might you considering increasing what you currently give by an additional 10% – meaning, if you are planning to give $10,000 this year, would you consider giving an additional $1,000?

While I don’t know what lies ahead economically, I do know that we as a church honor your investment and steward the responsibility of our ministry with integrity and excellence. For your records, I have asked our finance team to include a digital report of your 2022 financial contributions through September. If you have questions or prefer to receive your contribution statement via traditional mail, please email our Finance Director, David Dover, at ddover@unitedcity.church.

Additionally, we offer several ways you can give:
– Make a donation or set up recurring giving by clicking HERE
– Text “UCGIVE” to 55498
– Give by cash or check in any of our giving kiosks or by mailing your gift to: 19901
Townsen Blvd., Humble, TX 77338

When you give to United City, the impact of your gift is multiplied exponentially, and we, as a church, are strengthened by this act with hope. Hope grows with every next step. Whether it be an act of love, generosity, gratitude, or faithfulness, I thank God for you and look forward to the future with a hope grounded in God (Psalm 65:5).

Pastor Chris